Basic Seminar

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About the Basic Seminar

As the cornerstone of IBLP’s outreach, the Basic Life Principles Seminar is held in cities around the world throughout the year. Since 1964, well over 2.5 million people have attended this seminar taught by Bill Gothard.

Conflicts often indicate that we are living by our natural inclinations, which are opposite to the ways of God. The goal of this seminar is to explain God’s way of life and provide further training and resources
for those who are committed to God’s best.

Seminar Topics

Key Issues

  • Tracing surface problems to root causes
  • Overcoming feelings of inferiority
  • Learning how to resolve guilt
  • Conquering anger and bitterness
  • Overcoming damaging habits
  • Experiencing true success
  • Discovering purpose in life
  • Gaining financial freedom
  • Building genuine friendships
  • Establishing harmony in marriage


  • How the seeds of a wounded spirit grow into a crop of rebellion
  • How to resolve common tensions between first-, second-, and third-born children
  • Why children translate excess freedom as rejection
  • Steps to follow when a loved one continues to rebel


  • The real cause of tension and conflict in marriage
  • Why long-standing marriages are breaking up
  • Why love is built on a decision rather than on romance


  • Four prerequisites to developing effective influence
  • Four types of suicide and how to prevent them
  • Why we cannot out-give God (illustrated through a “chalk talk”)
  • Why a person with many friends is often lonely